June 17 - A Couple Young Moose

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This a pond I ride by everyday. I'm almost always way ahead of Gussie, but this time she got there ahead of me. She went down the embankment. I didn't give it much thought when I heard a splash, but then it hit me that it was an unusually large sounding splash. When I got to the edge, I see two young moose walking briskly through the pond. They were only moving quickly because of Gussie. Normally I keep her out of sight of the moose. I tried to hurry her out of the water, but you know how hurrying her goes. Fortunately, even though they eyed us, they didn't seem worried. These are all the same moose; this one stayed in this great spot.

I got Gussie out of sight and shot these. These are in the exact spot as the interesting grassy pictures posted June 12. Well, I think they're interesting.